Smart Cockpits

If you are listening to music in your car, your body will directly feel the rhythm, thus immersing yourself in the music. If you don’t want the music to bother others in your car, you can turn off the stereos, but you can still enjoy the music with our smart cockpit system. If you are using a navigation system, you will feel the directed vibration on your back to remind you of the turning. You can also feel the vibration reminder from our system when you are accelerating, over speeding, changing lanes, pressing lines, or passing through the monitoring cameras. Even when you feel tired while driving, you can enjoy the comfortable vibration massage by the seat. All these innovative interactive experiences are achievable by Thor Smart Cockpit.

We make the most of all potential vibration structures in the car such as seats to improve haptic interaction, aiming to bring you a brand-new smart driving experience!

  • C03
    • Size30*15mm (Diameter*H)
    • Vibration quantity1.2Grms
    • Rated voltage1.39Vrms
    • Bandwidth500Hz
    • Rated current170ma(Max)
    • Quick Start/Quick Brake(BT/RT)≤70ms ,≤70ms
    • Resonant frequency60Hz
    • ApplicationHaptic interaction in intelligent cockpit
  • P01
    • Size23.2*33.2*13.25 mm (L*W*H)
    • Vibration quantity15Grms
    • Rated voltage7.07Vrms
    • Bandwidth1000Hz
    • Rated current660ma(Max)
    • Quick Start/Quick Brake(BT/RT)≤35ms,≤35ms
    • Resonant frequency230Hz
    • ApplicationHaptic interaction in intelligent cockpit