AR/VR and virtual interaction

In recent years, the metaverse has become an increasingly popular concept, and is redefining the Internet industry. Metaverse can create a super immersive experience based on its open creation system, multi-dimensional social network, decentralized designed and diversified forms. Games and VR/AR, the important interactive ports of the metaverse, are also the pioneers to implement its concept. Many people have been fascinated by their unique immersive and interactive experience and many popular brands have emerged, such as Pico, iQIYI, Nolo, Flydigi, 8BitDo, and Beitong.

Gaming, the main battlefield of virtual interaction, always pursues more immersive, fuller, richer and more delicate tactile interaction. In order to quickly respond to customers' needs, we have launched the industry's first TPWBA, namely ThorEngine M0x (internal product codes M01 and M05). It can meet the specific needs for clients with different system loads and different software paths. For the first time ever, you can be immersed into the virtual world and literally feel the chainsaw, the full recoil of various firearms, as well as the drifting of racing cars and roaring engines.

  • M01
    • Size18*12*6mm (L* W* H)
    • Vibration quantity1.2Grms
    • Rated voltage2.1Vrms
    • Bandwidth215Hz
    • Rated current290ma(Max)
    • Quick Start/Quick Brake(BT/RT)≤16ms,≤20ms
    • Resonant frequency120Hz
    • ApplicationVR controller
  • M05
    • Size22.6*10*9mm (L*W*H)
    • Vibration quantity2.7Grms
    • Rated voltage2.12Vrms
    • Bandwidth500Hz
    • Rated current235ma(Max)
    • Quick Start/Quick Brake(BT/RT)≤10ms,≤10ms
    • Resonant frequency163Hz
    • ApplicationNew hardware、Gaming console